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AML / Anti-Bribery / Corruption

Advising and devising preventative strategies and risk management aspects of regulatory compliance and ethics. Advising and Devising Preventative Strategies and Risk Management Aspects of Regulatory Compliance and Ethics: Advising on legal frameworks and strategies to manage regulatory compliance and ethical risks. Money Laundering Prevention and Compliance: Providing guidance on legal standards and compliance requirements for preventing money laundering. Anti-bribery and Corruption laws, regulations, bylaws and policies: Advising on the creation and implementation of legal policies to prevent bribery and corruption. Risk Assessments and Due Diligence: Offering legal advice on conducting risk assessments and due diligence to identify and mitigate potential risks. Internal Controls and Governance: Consulting on legal requirements for internal controls and governance to ensure compliance. Investigations into Bribery and Corruption: Advising on legal aspects of conducting investigations into allegations of bribery and corruption. Advisory on Anti-corruption Laws and Regulations: Providing expert legal advice on anti-corruption laws and regulations and their implications for organisational practices. Development and Implementation of Compliance Programs: Assisting with the legal aspects of developing and implementing compliance programs tailored to organisational needs. Whistleblower Protection and Reporting Mechanisms: Advising on legal frameworks and policies for whistleblower protection and establishing reporting mechanisms. Compliance with Anti-bribery and Anti-corruption Laws: Consulting on compliance with legal standards and regulations related to anti-bribery and anti-corruption. Training and Awareness Programs: Offering legal advice on the development and implementation of training programs to educate employees on compliance and ethical standards. Regulatory Audit Support: Assisting with legal preparations and responses during audits by regulatory bodies. Cross-border Compliance Strategies: Advising on compliance with international legal standards and anti-corruption regulations. Corporate Ethics Programs: Providing legal guidance on the development of corporate ethics programs to foster an ethical workplace culture. Third-party Compliance Management: Advising on legal policies and procedures to ensure that third-party relationships comply with relevant compliance standards.

AI & Technology 

Assisting businesses in navigating legal landscapes associated with digital operations, artificial intelligence, and technological advancements. AI Ethics and Governance: Developing frameworks to ensure ethical use of artificial intelligence. Intellectual Property Protection in Tech: Safeguarding innovations, software, and technology-related intellectual property. Regulatory Compliance for Digital Products: Ensuring digital products and services comply with relevant laws and regulations. Technology Contracts and Licensing Agreements: Drafting and negotiating agreements for software licensing, technology transfer, and IT procurement. Data Privacy and Security in AI - Advising on data protection laws applicable to AI technologies and machine learning. Emerging Technology Advisory: Providing legal insights on the use and regulation of emerging technologies such as blockchain, drones, and autonomous vehicles. E-commerce and Digital Business: Addressing legal aspects of conducting business online, including terms of service, consumer protection, and digital marketing. Tech Start-Up Consultation: Guiding tech startups through venture capital, funding agreements, and corporate structuring. Digital Health Regulations: Advising on the legalities of health-related technologies, including telemedicine and health data compliance. Cybersecurity Compliance and Strategy: Developing strategies to manage cyber risks, comply with cybersecurity regulations, and respond to cyber incidents. Litigation and Dispute Resolution in Tech Disputes: Representing companies in disputes arising from technology transactions or operations. Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Devices: Advising on the legal implications of IoT device development and deployment.

Bankruptcy and Insolvency

Facilitating corporations and individuals in achieving and managing financial stability through strategic debt restructuring and reorganisation. Debt Restructuring and Reorganisation: Assisting businesses with legal strategies to restructure and reorganise their debt to improve financial stability. Liquidation and Winding-up Proceedings: Guiding companies through the legal processes involved in liquidation and dissolution to ensure compliance with statutory requirements. Creditor and Debtor Representation: Representing both creditors and debtors in negotiations and legal proceedings to protect their interests. Debt Recovery and Enforcement: Providing legal services to enforce debt recovery through court orders and other legal mechanisms. Negotiation and Settlement of Debts: Facilitating the negotiation and settlement of debts to avoid prolonged litigation and financial distress. Insolvency Litigation and Dispute Resolution: Representing clients in litigation and disputes arising from insolvency cases, including defending and prosecuting claims. Advisory on Insolvency Laws and Regulations: Offering expert advice on compliance with current insolvency laws and regulatory frameworks. Debtor-in-Possession Financing: Advising on obtaining and structuring debtor-in-possession financing during restructuring periods under bankruptcy protection. Preference and Fraudulent Conveyance Actions: Handling legal actions related to preferential transfers and fraudulent conveyances to recover assets for the benefit of creditors. Cross-border Insolvency Matters: Advising on issues and legal strategies involved in insolvency cases that span multiple jurisdictions, including assisting with an application for enforcement of foreign judgments for the purposes of debt recovery /instructing foreign counsel for out of jurisdiction enforcement of judgment & debt recovery. Trustee and Receiver Appointments: Representing clients in matters related to the appointment and actions of trustees and receivers in insolvency cases. Bankruptcy Exemption Planning: Advising individuals and businesses on planning and claiming exemptions in bankruptcy filings. Corporate Solvency Analysis: Providing assessments and advice on corporate solvency issues to prevent potential legal challenges. Turnaround Management Consulting: Offering legal guidance combined with management strategies to help distressed businesses recover and thrive. Secured Creditor Representation: Representing secured creditors to enforce security interests and maximise recovery in insolvency scenarios.

Engagement Model

Discover our comprehensive engagement models designed to cater to your unique legal needs and provide transparency and flexibility in our services.

1. Hourly Rates

We charge clients based on the actual time spent by our experienced legal professionals on their case.


Our rates are determined by the expertise and qualifications of our team, and we maintain detailed records of the time spent and provide clear invoices, so you have a comprehensive understanding of the work done on your behalf.

2. Fixed Fee

Our fixed fee option allows you to have complete clarity and certainty regarding the cost of our services.


We provide specific legal services for a predetermined flat fee, which means you know the total amount you will be charged upfront to eliminates surprises or concerns about increasing costs, allowing you to budget effectively and make informed decisions about your legal matters.

3. Retainer

Tailored for MNCs and SMEs, our retainer services offer ongoing legal support and anticipation of future legal needs in multiple practice areas.


Through a retainer agreement, you secure our firm's services for a customisable duration, ensuring our dedicated team is readily available to promptly address your legal requirements and provide peace of mind with priority attention.

4. Pro Bono

As part of our commitment to social responsibility, we also offer pro bono services, providing free legal assistance to individuals and organisations in need who are unable to afford legal representation, ensuring access to justice for all.

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Corporate, Contracts & Commercial Affairs

Assisting with market entry strategies, establishing joint ventures, and facilitating strategic alliances to expand and enhance client operations. Advising on Contract Rights and Obligations: Providing legal guidance on the rights and duties arising from various contractual agreements. Drafting and Reviewing Commercial Agreements: Drafting, examining,a nd advising on a range of agreements such as Service, Distribution, Licensing, Joint Venture, Shareholders, Partnership, Confidentiality, Manufacturing, Reseller, and other commercial contracts. Negotiating Contract Terms and Conditions: Negotiating on behalf of clients to secure favorable contract terms and conditions and presevation of rights and interests. Contract Interpretation and Enforcement: Analysing and enforcing the terms of a contract as legally required. Breach of Contract Claims and Remedies: Handling legal actions and advising on remedies related to breaches of contract. Contractual Fraud Investigation and Prevention: Investigating potential fraudulent contract activities and implementing measures to prevent them. Misrepresentation and Fraudulent Inducement in Contracts: Addressing issues related to false representations and fraud in contractual dealings. Contractual Dispute Resolution and Litigation: Managing disputes through mediation, arbitration, or litigation related to contractual disagreements. Contract Termination and Remedies: Advising on the legal implications of contract termination and associated remedies. Non-disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements: Drafting and enforcing agreements that protect confidential and proprietary information. Employment Contracts and Restrictive Covenants: Creating and managing agreements that govern employment terms and post-employment restrictions. International and Cross-border Contracts: Advising on contracts involving more multiple jurisdictions for matters within the APAC region, and in partnership with our strategic legal partners. Strategic Advisory on International Market Expansion: Offering guidance on entering and expanding in global markets. Formation and Management of Joint Ventures and Strategic Partnerships: Assisting in the creation and operation of joint ventures and strategic alliances. Guidance on Regulatory Compliance for New Market Entries: Providing advice on adhering to regulations when entering new markets. Corporate Governance and Compliance Assessments: Evaluating and advising on governance practices and compliance with laws and regulations. Risk Assessment and Management in Commercial Transactions: Identifying and managing risks associated with commercial deals. Advisory on Import/Export Regulations and Customs Compliance: Advising on the legal requirements of importing and exporting goods. Due Diligence Services for Mergers and Acquisitions: Conducting thorough investigations to ensure the soundness of corporate mergers or acquisitions. Corporate Restructuring and Business Model Optimisation: Advising on the restructuring of companies to optimise business models and operations. Intellectual Property Rights Management and Strategy: Managing and strategising on intellectual property to protect and maximise assets. Corporate Tax Planning and Compliance: Advising on tax strategies and compliance to optimise financial obligations. Employment Law Advisory, Including Workforce Integration and Labor Compliance: Advising on employment regulations and integration strategies during corporate changes. E-commerce Business Strategies and Digital Contract Management: Developing strategies for online business operations and managing digital contracts. Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Compliance in Commercial Operations: Ensuring compliance with data privacy laws and managing cybersecurity risks in commercial activities.

Criminal Litigation & Investigations

We provide support for services ranging from bail applications to appeals, focusing on delivering strong advocacy and personalised client care throughout the criminal justice process. Bail Applications: Assisting clients with the preparation and submission of applications for bail, aiming to secure their release from custody pending trial. Plea Bargaining: Negotiating plea deals with prosecutors to reduce charges or penalties in exchange for a guilty plea, benefiting clients with potentially lighter sentences. Legal Representation at Trial: Representing in criminal trials, protecting the rights and interests of the accused throughout the court proceedings. Defense Strategy Preparation: Developing tailored defense strategies based on the specifics of the case and the evidence available to ensure the best possible outcome for the client. Sentencing Mitigation: Advocating for reduced sentences by presenting mitigating factors and circumstances to the court, aiming to minimise the impact of a conviction on the client’s life. Appeals and Post-Conviction Relief: Handling appeals to challenge trial court decisions, and pursuing post-conviction relief options to overturn or reduce penalties after a conviction. Court of Children Criminal Cases: Representing minors in the Courts of Children, addressing charges in a manner appropriate to the minor / juvenile justice system. Client Counseling and Support: Providing emotional and legal support to clients and their families throughout the criminal process, helping them cope with the stress and implications of criminal proceedings. White-Collar Crime Defense: Representing clients accused of white-collar crimes such as fraud, embezzlement, and insider trading, focusing on the unique aspects of these complex cases. Drug Offense Defense: Defending clients against drug-related charges, from possession to trafficking, including strategies for reducing penalties. Violent Crime Defense: Offering defense services for clients accused of violent crimes, including assault, domestic violence, and homicide. Sexual Offense Defense: Handling sensitive cases involving sexual offenses, providing discreet and vigorous defense to protect clients’ rights and reputations. Traffic and DUI Offenses: Assisting clients with traffic-related offenses, including DUI/DWI cases,. Forensic Analysis Consulting: Collaborating with forensic experts to analyse evidence in criminal cases, ensuring that all technical aspects are accurately interpreted and presented in defense. International Criminal Law: Advising and representing clients involved in international criminal matters, including extradition cases and crimes committed abroad.

Data, Privacy & Cybersecurity

We provide comprehensive support in privacy and cybersecurity, from cross-border data transfers and compliance with global regulations like PDPA, GDPR and CCPA, to developing robust privacy policies, and managing breach responses and privacy-related disputes, ensuring secure and compliant data management across all business operations. Cross-Border Data Transfer Compliance: Assisting with the legal aspects of inbound and outbound data transfers between regions such as Europe, the US, and Asia, ensuring compliance with international privacy laws. GDPR and Global Privacy Regulation Compliance: Advising on adherence to the PDPA, GDPR, BCR, CCPA, APEC Cross-Border Privacy Rules, and other global privacy regulations. Development of Privacy and Cybersecurity Policies: Crafting comprehensive privacy and cybersecurity policies tailored to your business's specific needs and legal requirements. Conducting Privacy and Cybersecurity Audits: Performing detailed audits to identify and mitigate risks, ensuring your practices align with legal standards and best practices. Data Breach Response and Preparedness: Preparing data breach response strategies and assisting with the management of data security incidents to minimize impact and comply with legal obligations. Handling Privacy: Related Claims and Disputes - Representing and advising clients in the event of privacy-related claims and disputes, including litigation support if necessary. Drafting Privacy Statements for Online Activities: Creating clear and compliant privacy statements for websites and online platforms that meet local and international legal standards. Employee Privacy Management: Advising on the privacy aspects of employee management, including the handling of personal data and monitoring in the workplace. Regulating Marketing Policies: Ensuring that digital and direct marketing activities comply with privacy laws and consumer protection standards. Advising on Cloud Computing and Sourcing Arrangements: Offering legal guidance on the privacy and cybersecurity implications of using cloud services and other sourcing arrangements. Drafting and Reviewing Data Processing and Transfer Agreements: Creating agreements that govern the processing and transfer of data to ensure compliance with privacy laws and protect client interests. Advisory on Emerging Technologies: Providing insights on the privacy and security aspects of emerging technologies, ensuring innovative solutions are compliant with existing legal frameworks.

Dispute Resolution

We provide a full spectrum of support in Dispute Resolution, assisting clients through every phase of conflict resolution through Litigation, and ADR processes such as mediation and arbitration, for local and cross-border disputes. Mediation: Assisting clients in resolving disputes amicably through structured mediation without resorting to court proceedings. Arbitration: Assisting clients with the arbitration proceedings filed at the Malaysian Asian International Arbitration Centre (AIAC), and the and Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) rules. Litigation: Assisting with Court Proceedings across all levels Representing clients in all levels of court, from the Magistrates’ Court to the Federal Court, handling every aspect of the litigation process. Negotiation: Representing clients at negotiation sessions. International Dispute Resolution: Managing cross-border disputes involving Malaysian and Singaporean laws and parties. Conflict Risk Assessment: Analysing potential legal conflicts and assessing risks to prevent disputes before they arise, providing proactive strategies tailored to safeguard client interests. Expert Witness and Evidence Management: Coordinating with subject matter experts to strengthen cases with credible testimonies and managing the collection, organisation, and presentation of evidence to support litigation and arbitration efforts effectively. Regulatory Dispute Resolution: Addressing disputes involving regulatory bodies, including compliance issues, administrative appeals, and negotiations with government entities. Post-Resolution Compliance: Assisting clients in implementing the terms of settlements and arbitration awards, including enforcement of foreign judgment, monitoring compliance with the agreed terms and managing any subsequent legal obligations.


We handle a wide range of defamation cases, from traditional media to online platforms, assisting with reputation management to safeguard and restore personal and professional standing. Preventative Legal Advice: Providing guidance on best practices for avoiding defamation risks, including legal reviews of potentially sensitive content before publication. Defamation Claims, Civil Suits, and Criminal Proceedings: Assisting clients in filing and defending against defamation claims, navigating both civil lawsuits and criminal charges. Reputation Management: Offering strategies and legal actions to manage and repair reputation damage caused by defamatory statements, including proactive public relations coordination. Libel Cases: Handling cases of defamation in written form, including print and online media, evidence gathering and legal representation. Slander Cases: Addressing defamation that occurs through spoken communication, providing legal support for cases involving oral statements made in public or private settings. Media Defamation: Cases of defamation by established media outlets, addressing false and damaging content published on television, radio, and in newspapers. Online Defamation: Tackling defamatory content spread via social media, blogs, forums, and other digital platforms, utilising legal tools to remove content and pursue damages. Cease and Desist Letters: Crafting and sending cease and desist letters to effectively demand a halt to defamatory activities and prevent further harm. Negotiation and Settlement: Facilitating negotiations to reach settlements out of court, minimising public exposure. Injunctions for Defamation: Seeking court orders to prevent continued harm and remove defamatory content from public circulation. Damage Assessment: Conducting thorough assessments of the reputational and economic impact of defamation, supporting claims for compensatory damages.

Employment, Compensation & Benefits

From drafting contracts and ensuring compliance to managing disputes and safeguarding workplace rights, we are dedicated to supporting both domestic and international employment relations, ensuring legal soundness and workplace harmony, while adapting to modern challenges such as flexible and digital working arrangements. Employment Contracts and Agreements: Drafting and negotiating employment contracts, ensuring legal compliance. Employment Policies and Handbooks: Developing comprehensive employment policies and handbooks that establish workplace standards and behaviors, aligning with the latest legal requirements, including remote and flexible work policies. Remote Work Policies: Creating or updating policies regarding telecommuting and remote work to adapt to new work environments and maintain compliance with employment laws. Digital Workplace Adaptations: Advising on legal aspects of digital workplace technologies, ensuring that tools used for remote working adhere to privacy and data protection laws. Flexibility in Work Arrangements: Developing legal frameworks to support flexible work arrangements, helping employers implement and manage these policies effectively. International Employment Issues: Handling international employment issues, including the challenges of managing a global remote workforce and dual employment agreements. Discrimination and Harassment: Advising on and implementing policies to prevent discrimination and harassment in the workplace, ensuring these policies are effectively applied in both office and remote settings. Employee Benefits: Structuring employee benefits programs, including considerations for remote workers. Wage and Hour Compliance: Ensuring compliance with EA and IR, and policies for flexible work arrangements. Workplace Safety and Health: Advising on compliance with occupational safety and health regulations for home offices and providing guidelines for remote work setups. Employee Discipline and Termination: Providing legal advice and support on the processes of employee discipline and lawful termination practices, including specific considerations for remote workforce management. Whistleblower Protection: Advising on laws protecting whistleblowers (WPA), including its implementation and effect in a digital and remote work environment, and assisting employers in handling claims compliantly. Employment Litigation: Representing clients in various employment disputes.

ESG, Climate Law & Sustainability 

Our firm offers legal services in ESG, Climate Law, and Sustainability, supporting clients in navigating the complexities of environmental compliance, social responsibility, and governance. We focus on renewable energy, decarbonisation, and energy efficiency initiatives, ensuring that our clients meet regulatory requirements and achieve sustainable growth through innovative legal solutions. Additionally, we partner with leading ESG solution providers to offer comprehensive and integrated support, enhancing our ability to address the full spectrum of our clients’ sustainability challenges. ESG Compliance and Reporting: Advising on compliance with ESG regulatory frameworks. Sustainability Policies and Programs: Providing guidance on the development and implementation of sustainability policies and programs that align with legal standards and promote corporate sustainability goals. Environmental Compliance and Permitting: Offering advice on environmental laws and securing necessary environmental permits for business operations and project developments. Climate Change and Carbon Emissions: Advising clients on legal requirements related to climate change mitigation, carbon emissions tracking, and reporting, helping them align with national and international climate commitments. Renewable Energy Projects: Providing legal guidance on the establishment and regulation of renewable energy projects, including compliance with local and global energy laws. Green Financing and Sustainable Investing: Advising on legal aspects of green financing and sustainable investment practices, ensuring alignment with sustainability criteria and financial regulations. Social Impact and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Guiding organisations in developing and implementing CSR initiatives that comply with legal standards and enhance societal engagement. Supply Chain Management and Due Diligence: Offering legal advice on sustainable supply chain practices and conducting due diligence to ensure compliance with environmental and social governance standards. Stakeholder Engagement and Consultation: Providing legal insights on effective stakeholder engagement strategies and consultation processes required by environmental and social impact assessments. ESG Due Diligence in Mergers and Acquisitions: Advising on ESG due diligence during mergers and acquisitions to identify potential legal and compliance risks. Climate and Sustainability Dispute Resolution: Representing clients in litigation and disputes related to climate law and sustainability. Sustainability Reporting and Disclosures: Advising clients on the legal aspects of sustainability reporting and the disclosure of environmental, social, and governance factors to stakeholders. ESG Risk Assessment and Management: Advising on the identification and management of ESG risks, helping clients develop legal strategies to mitigate potential liabilities. Sustainable Governance and Board Advisory: Providing legal advice to boards on governance structures that support ESG principles, ensuring legal compliance and promoting best practices. Environmental and Social Audits: Assisting with the legal components of environmental and social audits to ensure regulatory compliance and address findings effectively. Sustainable Procurement and Contracting: Advising on the incorporation of sustainability criteria into procurement policies and contracts, ensuring they meet legal standards and promote ethical sourcing. ESG Training and Education Programs: Developing training programs to educate corporate teams on ESG compliance, legal frameworks, and policy adherence. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Alignment: Assisting clients in aligning their operations and strategies with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals from a legal perspective. Circular Economy and Waste Management: Providing legal advice on regulatory compliance for circular economy initiatives and waste management practices. Ethical Sourcing and Responsible Supply Chains: Guiding clients through the legal aspects of ethical sourcing and responsible supply chain management to ensure compliance with international norms and practices.

Estate & Succession

Providing comprehensive estate planning and succession services, we ensure meticulous management and transition of assets in accordance with our clients' wishes, offering peace of mind and legal protection for future generations. Wills and Trusts: Devising tailored wills and establishing trusts to ensure assets are distributed according to client specifications. Estate Administration and Probate: Managing the legal process of estate administration post-death, ensuring all claims are settled and assets distributed as per the deceased’s wishes or laws of intestacy. Trust Administration: Overseeing the proper management and distribution of trust assets in line with the trust agreements and legal obligations. Asset Protection: Designing strategies to safeguard clients' assets from potential claims and liabilities. Guardianship and Conservatorship: Establishing legal guardianships and conservatorships to protect the rights and manage the affairs of those unable to do so themselves. Charitable Giving and Philanthropy: Assisting clients in fulfilling their philanthropic goals through strategic charitable giving. Business Succession Planning: Preparing businesses for smooth transitional leadership to ensure continuity and stability. Elder Law and Long-Term Care Planning: Advising on legal matters related to aging, including long-term care financing and elder rights. Special Needs Planning: Creating plans that provide for the needs of individuals with disabilities without affecting their eligibility for public assistance. Family Dispute Resolution and Mediation: Resolving familial conflicts concerning estates or wills through mediation, and preserving relationships. Wealth Preservation: Implementing techniques to maintain and enhance long-term financial security for future generations. Estate Litigation and Disputes: Handling legal disputes that arise during the administration of estates or trusts. Trustee and Fiduciary Services: Providing fiduciary services to ensure that estates and trusts are administered according to the law and the wishes of the parties involved. Estate and Succession Planning for High Net Worth Individuals: Offering bespoke services to high net worth clients to address complex estate and tax planning needs. International Estate Planning and Cross-Border Succession: Advising on the complexities of managing estates that include assets and heirs in multiple countries. Living Wills and Advance Directives: Helping clients make important decisions about their medical care in advance, ensuring their wishes are respected. Lasting Powers of Attorney: Establishing legal authority for designated individuals to act on behalf of clients in case they become incapacitated. Digital Asset Management in Estate Planning: Advising on the inclusion and management of digital assets, like social media accounts and cryptocurrencies, in estate plans. Estate Planning for Unmarried Partners: Providing estate planning services tailored to the needs of long-term partners who are not legally married. Posthumous Reproductive Rights: Addressing legal issues related to the use of genetic material after death, including consent and rights of offspring. Historical Property Preservation: Advising on legal strategies for the preservation of historical properties through estate planning.


Our legal firm provides guidance and representation in family law, addressing divorce, custody disputes, and broader family matters. Divorce and Separation: Assisting clients with the legal procedures of divorce or separation, including litigation or negotiations for settlement. Child Custody and Access: Advising on custody arrangements, ensuring the best interests of the child are prioritised in decisions regarding living arrangements and access to parents. Child Maintenance: Securing appropriate financial support for children following the separation of their parents. Spousal Maintenance: Negotiating financial support for a spouse following a divorce or separation, ensuring fair and adequate provision. Property Division and Asset Distribution: Facilitating the equitable division of property and assets between parties following a separation or divorce. Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements: Drafting agreements that outline the division of assets and financial arrangements between couples before or after marriage. Adoption: Guiding clients through the legal process of adopting a child, ensuring all legal requirements are met. Paternity Issues: Resolving disputes related to the paternity of a child, including DNA testing and paternity declarations. Domestic Violence and Restraining Orders: Providing legal assistance for obtaining restraining orders and addressing issues of domestic violence. Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution: Offering mediation services to resolve family disputes amicably without resorting to litigation. Guardianship and Conservatorship: Establishing guardianship for minors or conservatorship for incapacitated adults, ensuring their well-being and financial management. Name Change: Assisting with the legal process of changing a client’s or their child’s name. International Family Law Matters: Handling family law cases that involve cross-border legal issues, including international custody disputes. Relocation: Advising on the legal implications and necessary procedures for relocating children following parental separation. Enforcement of Court Orders: Ensuring that court orders related to family law matters are enforced and complied with. Variation of Court Orders: Assisting in the modification of existing court orders due to changes in circumstances. Elder Family Law Issues: Addressing specific family law issues related to elder care, including guardianship and elder abuse.

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