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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Please reach out to our Office Manager at or +60166087616 (WhatsApp) with a brief summary of your matter, and we will coordinate internally to assign you a lawyer who is best suited and trained in the relevant area to assist you.

  • Yes. Given our strategic partnerships with service providers and law firms across APAC, MENA, and Europe, we are well-positioned to work alongside our strategic partners to support you with cross-border or international matters. Our legal partnerships include law firms in offshore financial centres such as the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands, which are key locations for international finance and corporate services. This global network enables us to offer comprehensive legal support and facilitate seamless legal proceedings across multiple jurisdictions.

  • We are able to assist clients in all the main languages spoken in Malaysia. For languages not commonly used within the country, we are supported by our strategic legal partners to provide assistance as needed. Our client management system prioritises the client's interests, ensuring clear, concise, and confident communication. Whenever necessary, we engage with the required translators or legal partners to jointly undertake the engagement.

  • Upon scheduling an appointment with you, our team will send you a meeting invite for the initial consultation to take place via Microsoft Teams. Where required and necessary, we will schedule an in-person consultation with you. Our meeting invite will include a request for a brief explanation of the matter you require assistance with and confirmation as to which partner you would like to consult with (if you have a specific request).

    Requests for consultations will be responded to within 24 hours, and depending on the nature and urgency of the matter, consultations may be scheduled between 24 to 72 hours.

  • Yes, we do charge a consultation fee. Our consultations are carried out after we have requested, perused, examined, and analysed the preliminary information and documents provided. This preparation ensures that we can have a productive and focused consultation session. The consultation fee accounts for the time our team invests in preparing and providing you with tailored legal advice. Instead of gathering information during the consultation, having access to relevant documents and details ahead of time allows us to offer actionable legal advice and a thorough analysis of your matter right from the start. This approach maximises the value of the time spent during our consultation, ensuring that we address your concerns efficiently and effectively.

  • The consultation fee must be paid upon confirmation of an appointment. The consultation fee is non-refundable. However, you may reschedule your consultation within 4 weeks from the date your appointment is confirmed without incurring an additional fee.

  • Consultation fee must be paid ahead of any consultation. 

  • Engagement for Consultation

    Engagement for consultation is confirmed upon receiving the consultation fee. A consultation will then be scheduled, and our team will request all relevant information or documents to be provided ahead of the consultation.

    Engagement for Legal Assistance

    A consultation session is required prior to undertaking any engagement. This allows us to assess how we can best assist you before providing you with a meaningful and accurate scope of work for such legal assistance. At the end of the consultation, you may decide whether you would like to receive a fee proposal breakdown from us, which would detail the scope of work and fee estimates for each item. Should you agree to the fee proposal and wish to engage us, we will provide you with a Letter of Engagement and a Warrant to Act following our conflict and KYC checks.

    Our fee proposal will detail all payment terms associated with it.

  • Our firm offers transparent and competitive fee structures. Our fee proposal typically includes a fixed fee for a definitive scope of work. Hourly rates would apply only when the nature of the engagement or additional scope of work cannot be determined in advance. Payments are made via bank transfers. However, should you require alternative payment arrangements such as part payments, instalments, or credit card payments, please mention this to our assigned legal counsel and we will make alternative arrangements upon assessing your request.

  • As our operations are predominantly digital, updates will primarily be provided via email. In certain circumstances, and with client consent, updates may also be sent over WhatsApp. Please note that for data privacy and security reasons, all WhatsApp updates will be carried out through the firm’s official WhatsApp for Business number, and not via any counsel’s personal WhatsApp number.

  • Yes, whenever such a need arises. We typically address all inquiries and requests during office hours to uphold a healthy work-life balance for our lawyers, enabling them to work efficiently and effectively on your case. Nonetheless, we recognise that clients may have urgent questions or require updates beyond our regular office hours. In such situations, we will endeavour to accommodate your need for updates outside of office hours. Our firm is committed to maintaining accessible communication channels, and we provide contact information for emergencies or time-sensitive matters.

  • It would be helpful for you to provide any relevant documents, contracts, records, and trails of communications, such as emails, texts, screenshots, or any evidence related to your case, to the initial consultation. This will enable us to better understand your situation and provide accurate advice tailored to your circumstances. As preliminary information will be requested ahead of the consultation, our legal counsel will also notify you of any specific information or documents they may require for the matter.

  • Yes, we do. We support individuals and businesses, both in Malaysia and abroad.

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