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Flex It!: A Day at Our Firm with Shafiqa

At Peter Ong & Nair, we understand that personal needs and professional duties must coexist harmoniously. Our firm champions flexible work arrangements, extensive family care leaves, special birthday leave, compassionate leaves, and mental health days. 

This month, we spotlight Shafiqa, our dedicated Office Manager. During Ramadan, a time for spiritual reflection and family, our flexible work policies were especially beneficial. We adjusted Shafiqa’s working hours to accommodate her fasting and allow more time for evening Iftar gatherings with her family. This adjustment supported her in fulfilling her religious commitments while maintaining her productivity at work.

"The flexible hours at PON during Ramadan really made it easier for me to manage my fasting and religious practices during the holy month. Sticking to regular work hours was tough, especially without my usual coffee, but the flexibility at PON made it manageable and beneficial for both the employees and the firm."

Our approach to flexibility allows every team member to manage their personal needs without sacrificing professional responsibilities. It's about respecting individual lifestyles and fostering a supportive work environment. We tailor our policies to meet the diverse needs of our team, ensuring that everyone can thrive both personally and professionally.



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