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Adeeb Barakbah


T: +60 10209 5414


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Focus Areas:

Anti Money Laundering​

Bankruptcy and Insolvency ​

Contractual Fraud ​

Criminal Breach of Trust​

Criminal Practice & Investigations

Defamation ​


Professional Summary

Adeeb is a highly experienced legal professional specialising in civil and criminal litigation. With an impressive track record of successfully handling trials and hearings in the lower Court, High Court, and Court of Appeal, Adeeb's expertise encompasses several areas, including bankruptcy and insolvency, contractual fraud, criminal breach of trust, defamation, violent crimes, and maritime law. His dedication to the legal field is evident through his active involvement in various committees, such as the Migrants, Refugees, and Immigration Affairs Committee of the Malaysian Bar Council. He is presently serving as an active pro bono lawyer under the Legal Aid Bureau of Malaysia since 2015, reflecting his and our firm's commitment to providing legal assistance to those in need.​

Beyond his legal prowess, Adeeb's strength lies in his ability to connect and communicate effectively with clients from diverse backgrounds and age groups. His experience in representing juveniles has given him keen insight into their unique challenges and vulnerabilities. This understanding extends to his belief in a holistic approach to legal defence, where he champions counselling and therapy for convicted offenders. He recognises that legal representation is just one facet of a client's journey towards redemption and rehabilitation. In line with this philosophy, Adeeb heads the firm's collaboration with relevant therapists to ensure a comprehensive support system that extends beyond courtrooms, reaching deep into the communities he serves, and cementing his reputation as a trusted advisor to many.

​Adeeb's exceptional legal acumen and notable accomplishments have garnered attention from local newspapers, showcasing his achievements in the field. By leveraging on his experience, he also brings invaluable insights and strategic approaches to each case, ensuring the best possible outcomes for his clients.​


Represented a company in a civil suit by a GLC claiming MYR 10 Million. Following discussions between the parties, the GLC withdrew the matter against the company.


Represented 3 individuals in unfair dismissal claims against the Immigration Department of Malaysia.


Managed a shipping case involving a breach of contract claim by a company in St. Kitts and Nevis.


Represented an individual in a defamation case against his former brother-in-law over a Facebook post.


Arrested two vessels in Malaysian waters for maritime claims.


Successfully defended numerous applications by debtors challenging Judgment in Default orders against them in courts throughout Malaysia.


Represented an individual accused of sexual molestation; the accused was acquitted without his defence being called.


Defended an accused charged with misappropriation of property, involving a sum of RM 1 Million; the accused was acquitted without his defence being called.


Represented an individual accused of criminal breach of trust concerning monies supposedly lost during his duty as an ATM technician; he was acquitted in the Court of Appeal.


Drafted agreements, terms and conditions, and policies for a start-up company in the F & B business.


Prepared agreements, terms and conditions, and policies for a start-up application in the education sector.


Drafted a profit-sharing agreement for buyers acquiring an F & B business.


Provided drafts and advice on agreements for a VR/AR company.


Drafted and advised on agreements for a conglomerate.


Successfully mediated and obtained a consent judgment for a breach of payment dispute for shipping services.


Advised a start-up education app targeting students and drafted its terms and conditions, privacy policy, and end-user license agreements


Awards and Recognition


Singapore Blue Plan 2018, by The Singapore Institute of Biology, Oct 1, 2018

Finalist Women Lawyer of the Year, Asian Legal Business Malaysia Law Awards 2024.

Finalist Young Lawyer of the Year, Asian Legal Business Malaysia Law Awards 2024.

30 People to Watch in the Business of Law in Asia.

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